Top Ten Home Bar Accessories

There are many accessories that can enhance your home bar, but the following are my top ten choices that are “must haves” for your basement bar.  These are in no particular order.

#1 Bar Accessory – Ice Cube Maker

ice cube maker for home bar
An ice machine or ice cube maker is a must have home bar accessory because, let’s face it, nobody wants to drink a warm drink.  You’re going to need ice, and a lot of it, so who wants to run to the store to buy a bag of ice every time you want a drink or have friends over?  With an ice cube maker like the one above, that won’t be a problem.  Your ice maker needs will vary depending on the style of your home bar as well as the size.  For example, I’d suggest going with something small and compact unless you need to fill a large space.  I’d also try to match appliances such as keeping everything stainless steel.  If not, I’d go with a black ice maker or a red ice maker for a pop of color.

#2 Home Bar Accessory - Shot Dispenser

shot dispenser for home bar

A shot dispenser is one of the coolest home bar accessories you could ever have.  It’s handy and convenient.  It measures your alcoholic shots correctly.  Most importantly, it has a wow factor and a coolness about it.  The shot dispenser pictured above actually rotates and spins.  There’s something about a rotating shot dispenser that screams “coolness”.  It is both elegent and hip at the same time.  If you only get one bar accessory from this list I’d recommend a rotating shot dispenser above all the others.

#3 Home Bar Accessory – Neon Bar Lights

neon bar lights
There are man different types of bar lights that can be used to enhance your home bar.  My favorite type of bar lights are the neon lights.  I especially like the ones that are placed below the bar surface such as the ones in the picture above.  Adding neon bar lights in this fashion can transform your home bar from plain to sophisticated, elogant, and trendy.  This accessory can give your basement bar a “club feel”.

#4 Home Bar Accessory – A Kegerator

kegerator for home bar

The kegerator, without a doubt, is one of the awesomest home bar accessories anybody can have.  Twelve years ago I looked everywhere for a kegerator and finally found one for sale off of a restaurant that was going out of business. I paid $700 for it.  Today, you can buy one for a couple hundred dollars at many retail stores.  They come in all kinds of different designs and sizes.  Adding a kegerator to your home bar can really step it up a notch and give it a wow factor.  Honestly, I had a lot of trouble with my kegerator and keeping the amount of pressure in the c02 tank right.  Lots of times I made a big mess and it was more trouble than it was worse.  But as I mentioned, that was a long time ago and I’m sure they’ve come a long way since then.  I’d recommend making sure you have a solid, easily cleanable floor beneath your kegerator.  I wouldn’t put one over a carpeted area.

$5 Home Bar Accessory – The Microwave

microwave for home bar
It’s simple enough, but a microwave oven can add convenience and pizzazz to your home bar.  You can quickly warm up snacks to feed your guests without having to go back and forth up and down your steps each time.  Microwaves come in all shapes, colors, and sizes these days so if you carefuly color coordinate your home bar your microwave can help the look of your bar just as much as bottles, pictures, and signs.

#6 Home Bar Accessory – A Popcorn Maker

popcorn maker for home bar
A popcorn maker is an excellent home bar accessory.  They look neat, they are a unique item that stands out from the rest of your bar accessories, and they are very convenient.  If your guests want a snack, warm popcorn is quick and easy to make.  Popcorn goes great with beer and makes everyone happy.  This accessory is a no brainer.

#7 Home Bar Accessory – The Blender

blender for home bar
Blenders have come a long way over the past few years.  You can get blenders that look chic and stylish.  It’s important to color coordinate your blender with your other bar accessories and match their designs.  I would also suggest getting a blender with a dispenser built in.  The stainless steel blender above is a Hamilton Beach blender with a side dispenser.  This makes blending drinks a breeze, which is really handy when making frozen daqueries and frozen margaritas.

#8 Bar Accessory – Glassware and Wine Glass Racks

glassware and barware
Barware and glassware is essential to giving your basement bar a look and feel or a real bar or club.  Hanging glass racks are awesome products that are reasonably inexpensive, convenient, and luxurious.  The hanging wine glass racks pictured above are fairly expensive but you can pick up some stainless steel wine glass racks at Pier One for about $12 each and they look very sophisticated as well.

#9 Home Bar Accessory – Beer Signs

neon coors light sign
Neon bar signs can make any home bar look cool.  The bright neon colors can make your basement bar feel like a sports bar.  Put up a flat screen tv in your bar and surround it with neon beer signs and you are good to go!  Your friends will love to watch the big games at your house when you have a cool bar to sit at and watch the game.

#10 Home Bar Accessory – Wine Coolers

wine cooler for home bar
By now you’ve already got your beer drinking friends covered with your kegerator and your beer signs, you’ve got your mixed drink drinking friends covered with your rotating shot dispenser and your blender, but what about your wine lover friends?  You need a wine cooler or wine chiller to keep your wine at a preferred temperature.  Wine chillers come in all sizes and colors so you can color coordinate with your other home bar appliances.  My personal preference is wine coolers with see – through doors so you can see the wine inside.  This gives your bar an elogance and also let’s your friends know what is inside.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top ten list of home bar accessories and I hope this has given you some ideas for your own basement bar.  Other noteables that could have been on the list would be a home bar dishwasher, stainless steel trash cans, flat screen tvs, blacklights, and of course, bar stools.  I’m probably going to dedicate an entire post to barstools soon so that’s why I left them out of this list.  Please send me pictures of your home bar designs so I can show them off and give other people ideas as well.

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Awesome Basement Bar Design

I recently visited a friend’s man cave and his bar was unbelievable.

Here’s a picture of his bar design:

basement bar design awesome

As you can see he has used stones to outline the base of the bar.  He used solid colored bricks for the backsplash.  He has glass shelves and recessed can lights for a bar-like feel.

The wood columns and wood bar top are extremely well done.  The tin roof awning is also an awesome touch.  He added a handy sink and decorated everything with some beer signs.  The wooden bar stools also go well with the design.  to finish it off he added some deer antlers and bullhorns right in the middle.  This bar is huge and it’s absolutely beautiful.  I wish I had taken some pictures of the rest of the man cave to show you how he tied it all together.  A giant flat screen tv is right on the other side so you can sit at the bar and watch the ballgames.

More basement bar design pictures will be posted soon so check back often and send in any pictures you may have of your own homemade bar designs.

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Basement Bar Ideas with Pictures

When you are designing a basement bar it is important to define your theme.  In this case, the theme for this home bar is a sports bar.  I will post pictures and descriptions below of the different elements of the bar design that tie into the other elements of the basement design, complimenting each other, and making the perfect home basement bar.

basement bar design and ideas

You’ll notice in the picture above the basement bar has multiple elements that all tie together.  The tile floor is checkedered with black and white tiles.  The barstools are black.  The frames on the pictures on the walls are black and brown.  The pictures hang semmetrically and the shelving units are semmetrical.  The wine racks are hung in the exact middle of the celing just above the bar.   Tvs are inserted onto the shelving units in the corners to give this basement bar a sports bar feeling.

glass top basement bar

You’ll notice from this picture that the top of the bar is made of glass.  We achieved this by ordering two pieces of glass, measured and cut to fit perfectly on top of our L-shaped bar.  The glass just sits on the bar, which allowed us to lift it up and insert pictures and posters to add to the sports bar theme of this home bar.  The wood we chose is maple because of its soft and smooth look, which goes well with the sleek chrome on the barstools.

basement bar tv shelving

Here’s a closer look at the TV shelf units we built in each corner of the bar.  We decorated the shelf with collectible bottles of Maker’s Mark Bourbon.

basement bar design wine racks

Pictured above is a closeup of the wine glass racks we installed on the ceiling directly in the center over or bar area.  We hung wine glasses, martini glasss, etc. on the glass racks.  Little touches like adding accessories such as wine glass racks can really spruce up a home bar and make it look more like a professional design.

basement bar accessories

Here’s a sideview of our basement bar, showcasing lots of home bar accessories including our stainless stell trash can to match the gas bar stools.  You’ll notice a fake juke box which has storage shelves inside, standing just outside the curved bar area.

basement bar bistro table and chairs

We chose the bistro table with two barstools pictured above to sit across from our bar for more seating.  Having a tall table with tall barstools helps give the basement a restaurant or pub type of a feeling.

game table for basement

Just across from our bistro table you’ll find a maple game table, which has roulette, craps, and blackjack inserts.

Here it is again pictured above with a maple topper to cover the games and double as a secondary bar.  It has multiple cup holders all around it.

Off to the left of the home bar we added a kitchenette with a microwave, coffee pot and refrigerator.  You’ll notice the stainless stell fridge ties in with the stainless steel trash can.  The finish is black with maple once again, and we tied everything together nicely with more black and white checkered tile flooring.  The sink is close enough to the bar for washing glasses.

basement bar with sink

Here’s one more picture of the sink.

I hope these basement bar pictures have given you some great ideas for designing your own basement bar at home.   Why go out and spend a lot of money when you can build something awesome right in your own basement?  Be creative and build something you can be proud of!

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Designing a Basement Bar

When it comes to designing a bar for your basement there are many things to consider and plan ahead of time.  This blog will walk you through that process as well as show you lots of ideas and pictures of home basement bars.  In my last two houses I have built custom bars in my basement.  It can be done much more affordably than buying a premade bar, and by building it from scratch you can customize it to match the rest of your basement and give it the style and colors you want.  There are several “finishing touches” I will teach you, and those little secrets will make your basement bar look like you spent a fortune on it, even though you won’t!  So please check back often as I will be posting pictures of basement bar ideas featuring different styles and themes.

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